Nigerian Jollof Vs Kenyan Jollof

Blackbones and Kaligraph jones

• Khaligraph Jones VS Blaqbones

• A Brief Review of The Bad Blood Between M.I and Vector

• What’s Next For African Hip-hop ?

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ChocolateCity and it’s imprint 100 Crowns which have been webbed in a series of music bouts is showing no sign of wiping bloodstains off its cutlery anytime soon.

Only 7 months ago, M.I Abaga and Vector went head to head on multiple tracks in a contest of supremacy that produced various viral catchphrases, hashtags, merchandise, and social media trends.

While the diss brought both rappers relevance and put them back on mainstream, Vector’ rhymes and song titles became instant trends and M.I’ constructive metaphors on The Viper made the record transcend its initial purpose. 

Around the same period, while Davolee and Dremo were roasting each other on tracks, AQ, an ally of M,

got entangled in the beef and vocalized his irritation against VEC while CDQ took sides against M.I and the ChocolateCity associates on a diss track #OGB4IG.

Vector rolled out singles including one with Afro-pop star Davido and announced the release of his album T.E.S.L.I.M and E.P Vibes before T.E.S.L.I.M.M announced an International tour with his #NoSnakes hashtag off The Viper song and he also graced the Big Brother Naija Grande Finale with a much talked about performance. Moves duly sponsored by the friction between both Hip-hop heads.

The Nigerian hip-hop scene recorded its highest rate of activity since the release of M.I’ 2017 smash ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’

during the course of the revisit to the age-long beef between himself and Vector which M claimed began from Vector’s first single and escalated after he declined to jump on the remix to his hit single King Kong back in 2015.

Now to the more current trend of activities, the Soundcity MVP Awards which took place on the 11th of January saw Kenyan legendary rapper Khaligraph Jones

take home the plaque for Best Hip Hop, in a category that also housed Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, South African Ricky Rick and Nigerian newest rap sensation Blaqbones.

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In June of 2019, Blaqbones released a track in which he esteemed himself Best Rapper in Africa. While yet at the Award venue, he took to his Twitter account to discredit the Award board claiming he is still the Best Rapper in Africa and also announced a diss track that would drop the next day.

Surprisingly, 24 hours later, it was a Khaligraph Jones diss track ‘Best Rapper in Nigeria’ that hit the internet shredding what was left of the 100 Crowns, Blaqbones.

My guess is, he was traumatized by the news of his estranged father reaching out to him after 2 years of no contact and a wavering fragile relationship that he didn’t have the studio time.

He posted what was allegedly the text sent from his dad and encouraged his followers to work hard and depend on themselves rather than hoping on others to bolt them to success.

With Khaligraph ignoring his apology and roasting him on a 3-minute diss track, Blaq premiered his reply diss titled Green Blaq Green on YouTube the following day.

Upon its release, he’s peaked at No. 5 on Nigerian Trends and the conversation is mounting more pressure on African rap artistes and the entire Hip-hop genre.


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