Nigeria still expecting E-cars in 2021 while UK plans to ban petrol vehicles in 2035

Electric cars

On Monday it was announced by the United Kingdom that the sale of diesel/petrol, hybrid cars and vans would be banned from 2035 or earlier pending how fast the transition takes place ,which is considered as a big economic risk for Nigeria.

According to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, UK is one one of the major buyers of our crude oil in Europe,

Nigeria being Africa’s largest oil producer exports most of its petroleum to the UK.

Meanwhile Nigeria is yet to receive its first set of electronic cars until 2021.

Boring Johnson the British prime minister unveiled the new auto policy as part of a launch for the united nations climate summit.

“I think the world is doing everything in its power to fight climate change and introducing electric powered cars is a big step”

Mr Moses Onaja CEO of a Nigerian Solar company said that solar powered vehicles would be unveiled this year according to reports.

Other major auto assemblers have also stated their firms have plans in bringing electric cars next year.

The big question now is, if UK is one of the major buyers of Nigerian crude oil is planning to achieve its target of zero carbon emission by 2050

what will be the future of Nigeria’s economy since crude oil is the major source of our economy

and how is the government gearing up to face this challenges?


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