News Breaking: Lil Wayne Confirms He Is Nigerian

Lil Wayne on Drink Champs

Lil Wayne revealed that his 23andMe result came back as 53% Nigerian, during with an interview with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN by REVOLT TV which premiered on 2nd of February.

He also reiterated his interests in visiting his new found home, Nigeria.

While chopping it up with the drink champs about the ups and down of an illustrious career, Wayne touched on different subjects including his Nigerian ancestry, New Album Funeral, his historic run of guest features and the role it played when he was in need of support,

his decision to remain with cash money after all his label mates lefts, his decision to sign Drake and Nicki Minaj and his management strategy.

In the course of the Interview Lil Wayne also narrated an interesting story about how he got a Frank Muller Wrist Watch and a Lamborghini Truck from “His Excellency” in a recent show he performed in Saudi Arabia.

They discussed Jay Z’s reaction to Lil Wayne’s freestyle on Jay’s “Show me what you got ”

“When he rapped on ‘Show Me What You Got,’ I had to take a long walk and look at myself in the mirror and I said, ‘Are you sure that you still got this?” Hov admitted in his personal message he sent to the drink champs.

Lil Wayne also discussed Jay Z’s support during his ordeal with cash money a period he described as dark when he couldn’t really put music out.

JAY-Z’s relationship with Lil Wayne dates back two decades, however, in recent years, the two have grown closer than ever with Jay Z even offering to sign Wayne and Young Money under his Roc Nation umbrella. The deal meant to allow Wayne retain his Masters was ultimately declined.

Other interesting issues clarified during the interview includes his beef with Pusha T which he said he wasn’t really sure what ignited the beef.

Watch the complete interview for the full story

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