Diet tips for Acne prone skin: Best & Worse foods for Acne

Acne is a persistent and inflammatory skin condition that causes pimples, spots, black and white heads especially on the face and neck, these bumps could occur anywhere on the body.

Acne is often occurring due to the hormonal changes, this happens when teenagers are going through puberty.

Acne usually as a result  hormonal changes in teenagers and in older children and this skin conditions will disappear sooner without any medications, but in some cases acne could leave scars on your skin which we all really hate.

Since Acne is persistent what can we do to avoid this skin condition? 

Here are some diet tips that would help us to get a clear and healthy skin. 

What are the major causes of Acne prone skin? 

If you understand your skin, it’s much easier to treat your skin by using the right methods.Your skin surface is surrounded with small holes which is also known as pores, that connects the sebaceous gland. When your pores are clogged up with dead skin and excessive oil, your skin is unable to breathe and small bumps will pop up and it may leave the scars on your face.

How does diet help to prevent acne prone skin?

Well, healthy lifestyle is always a key to all kinds of health issues. In this case healthy diet means you are supposed to avoid some foods that might be good for you but not suitable for acne prone skin, certain foods might lift your blood sugar level that cause the body to generate the hormone called insulin, the release of  excessive insulin in your blood can result in producing more oil which leads to having Acne prone skin.

Foods you might want to avoid;

Diet has a crucial role in preventing acne, but at the same time we should be aware of foods that cause the acne. It is always good to know what you eating, and is it really beneficial for you? 

Here are some foods that causes acne:

  • Avoid refined sugar ( it includes all your favourite treats)
  • White grain ( includes white pasta, white rice and white bread)
  • Spicy foods 
  • Dairy 
  • Fast foods 

Foods to eat instead 

We’ve discussed above the food might cause acne on your skin, but there are other foods that are healthy and nutrition rich, which would help to get rid of those acne and give you clearer skin.Add complex carbohydrates in your diet, such as 

  • Whole grains 
  • Legumes 
  • Unprocessed fruits and vegetables 

You should also consider including these foods

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Green tea
  • Turmeric 
  • Vitamin A,D,E and zinc 

Friendly food choices for a healthy glowing skin Includes but not limited to the following

  • Orange 
  • Carrot 
  • Apricot 
  • Sweet potatoes   (Add yellow and orange color fruits and vegetables in your diet?
  • Spinach 
  • Kale ( Include dark green leafy vegetables)
  • Blueberry 
  • Tomato’s 
  • Quinoa 
  • Turkey 
  • Nuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Salmon and fatty fishes 

Everybody reacts differently to certain foods because we have different bodies, if you are allergic to certain food please try not to include that in your diet. It is also important to manage your stress level in order to get a better outcome for your hard work. You could manage your stress level with right meditation, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Another way of getting clear skin is hydration, drinking enough water prevents acne by encouraging proper skin hydration. So don’t forget to hydrate yourself in order to get better and healthy skin.


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