Craze Clown is Getting Married – 2020

• Instagram skit comedian Craze Clown has just engaged his girlfriend.

• Craze Clown becomes the highest followed Nigerian Instagram skit comedian in 2019.

• Who’s next to catch the bouquet ¿?

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Nigerian Instagram comedy would forever be indebted to Craze Clown ‘Papa Ade’ for his crazily hilarious 15 seconds skits that almost cost stand up comedians their livelihood.

The celebrity comedian Emmanuel Iwueke who has amassed over 3 Million followers on Instagram – the highest for a Nigerian skit comedian is ending the year with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend Jojowigs. 

He captioned the announcement “She said Yes” with a photo of them over a table with the words ‘Will you marry me ? with a heart emoji’ scribbled with honey.

His fiancée also shared her excitement with a video of her engagement ring with the caption “I am marrying my best friend”

¿? Are we to expect more marriages in 2020 besides Wizkid’ and Davido’


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